Republic of Congo

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Oct, 2022

President/Head of StateDenis Sassou-N'Guesso
Prime MinisterAnatole Collinet Makosso
Size of Cabinet38
Female cabinet members8
National AssemblyAssemblée Nationale
Seats in NA151
Parties in NA17 + 4 Indp
Female MPs in NA16.56%
Term of National Assembly5 years
Term of President5 Years
Number of NA Elections held7
Number of PE held4
Next NA Elections2027
Next Presidential Elections2026

List of cabinet

Head of StatePresidentDenis Sassou-N'Guesso
Head of GovernmentPrime MinisterAnatole Collinet Makosso
FinanceMinister of Finance and EconomyJean-Baptiste Ondaye
Minister of BudgetLudovic Ngatsé
ForeignMinister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Congolese AbroadJean Claude Gakosso
Minister of International Cooperation, and Promotion of the Public Private PartnershipDenis Christel Sassou N'Guesso
DefenseMinister of National DefenceCharles Richard Mondjo
HealthMinister of Health and PopulationGilbert Mokoki
JusticeMinister of Justice and Human Rights and Promotion of Indigenous PeoplesAnge Aimé Wilfrid Bininga
AgricultureMinister of Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesPaul Valentin Ngobo
Minister of Forest EconomyRosalie Matondo
EnergyMinister of Energy and HydraulicsEmile Ouosso
Natural ResourcesMinister of Mining Industries and GeologyPierre Oba
Minister of HydrocarbonsBruno Jean-Richard Itoua
EducationMinister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological InnovationEdith Delphine Emmanuelle née Adouki
Minister of Technical and Vocational EducationGhislain Thierry Maguessa Ebome
Minister of Pre-school Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education and LiteracyJean Luc Mouthou
EconomyMinister of Planning, Statistics and Regional IntegrationIngrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka Babackas
Minister for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Crafts and the Informal SectorJacqueline Lydia Mikolo
Minister of State, Minister of Trade, Supply and ConsumptionAlphonse Claude Nsilou
Digital/ITMinister of the Posts, Telecommunications and Digital EconomyLéon Juste Ibombo
InteriorMinister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Local DevelopmentGuy Georges Mbaka
MediaMinister of Communication and MediaThierry Lezin Moungala
EnvironmentMinister of Environment, Sustainable Development and the Congo BasinArlette Soudan Nonault
LaborMinister of State, Minister of Civil Service, of Labor and Social SecurityFirmin Ayessa
OthersMinister of Youth and Sports, Civic Education, Professional Training and EmploymentHugues Ngouelondele
Minister of Planning, Infrastructure and Road MaintenanaceJean Jacques Bouya
Minister of State, Minister of Land Affairs and the Public Domain in Charge of Relations with ParliamentPierre Mabiala
Minister of State Control, Public Service Quality and Fight Against Anti-values in the Public AdministrationJean Rosaire Ibara
Minister of Security and Public OrderRaymond Zéphirin Mboulou
Minister of Special Economic Zones and Economic DiversificationJean-Marc Thystere Tchycaya
Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation and Merchant ShippingHonoré Sayi
Minister of Construction, Urban Planning and HousingJosue Rodrigue Ngouonimba
Minister of Industrial Development and Private Sector PromotionNicéphore Antoine Thomas Fylla Saint-Eudes
Minister of Cultural Industry, Tourism, and the ArtsLydie Pongault
Minister of Social Affairs and Humanitarian ActionIrène Marie Cécile Mboukou Kimbatsa née Goma
Minister of the Women's Affairs and Integration of Women in DevelopmentInes Nefre Bertille Ingani
Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister's for the Reform of the StateJoseph Luc Okio
Minister Delegate to the Minister of the InteriorJuste Désiré Mondélé

Main political parties

Name of partyFoundationTimes Elected to NATimes Won at NATimes Won at PE
Congolese Workers Party (PCT)1969753
Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS)1991721
Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integrated Development (MCDDI)1989600
Action & Renewal Movement (MAR)n/a400
Rally for Democracy and Social Progress (RDPS)n/a600

Last NA election results

NA elections/Parties winning seatsSeats
Congolese Workers Party (PCT)112
Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS)7
Union of Humanist Democrats-YUKI (UDH-YUKI)7
Action & Renewal Movement (MAR)4
Rally for Democracy and Social Progress (RDPS)2
Club 2002 - Party for the Unity of the Republic (PUR) 2
Republican Liberal Party (PRL) 2
Republican Dynamics for Development (DRD) 2
La Chaîne 1
Movement for Unity, Solidarity, and Work (MUST) 1
Perspectives and Realities Club (CPR) 1
Citizens' Rally (RC)1
Permanent Action for the Congo (APC) 1
Movement for Democracy and Progress (MDP) 1
Union for the Reconstruction and Development (URDP) 1
Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integrated Development (MCDDI) 1
Patriotic Union for Democracy and Progress (UPDP) 1
Independents 4
Number of parties winning seats17
Number of parties contestingn/a
Female MPs16.56%
Voter turnoutn/a

Last Presidential election results

Presidential elections  
Denis Sassou-NguessoPCT60.2
Guy Brice Parfait KolélasMCDDI15.04
Jean-Marie MokokoIndp13.7
Pascal Tsaty MabialaUPADS4.7
André Okombi SalissaIDC4.1
Total no of candidates9
Voter Turnout68.92%

Voting System

  • PE: President directly elected by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term (eligible for 2 additional terms)
  • NA: Members directly elected in single-seat constituencies by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed; members serve 5-year terms)

Source: CIA World Factbook