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Sep, 2022

President/Head of StateBazoum Mohamed
Prime MinisterOuhoumoudou Mahamadou
Size of Cabinet32
National AssemblyAssemblée Nationale
Seats in NA166
Parties in NA19
Female MPs in NA25.90%
Term of National Assembly5 years
Term of President5 years
Number of NA Elections held9
Number of PE held7
Next General Elections2025

List of cabinet

Head of StatePresidentBazoum Mohamed
Head of GovernmentPrime MinisterOuhoumoudou Mahamadou
FinanceMinister of FinancesAhmat Jidoud
ForeignMinister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, African Integration and Nigeriens AbroadHassoumi Massoudou
DefenseMinister of National DefenseAlkassoum Indattou
HealthMinister of Public Health, Population and Social AffairsIlliassou Idi Mainassara
JusticeMinister of Justice, Keeper of the SealsIkta Abdoulaye Mohamed
AgricultureMinister of AgricultureAlambedji Abba Issa
Minister of Livestock, Government SpokespersonTidjani Idrissa Abdoulkadir
EnergyMinister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable EnergiesMahamane Sani Mahamadou
Minister of HydraulicsAdamou Mahaman
Natural ResourcesMinister of MinesOusseini Hadizatou Yacouba
EducationMinister of Higher Education and ResearchMamoudou Djibo
Minister of Vocational TrainingKassoum Maman Moctar
Minister of National EducatiionRabiou Ousman
EconomyMinister of CommerceAlkache Alhada
Minister of Industry and Young EntreprisesGourouza Magagi Salamatou
Digital/ITMinister of Post and New Information TechnologyHassane Barazé Moussa
InteriorMinister of the Interior and DecentralizationHamadou Adamou Souley
MediaMinister of Communication, in charge of relationsZada Mahamadou
EnvironmentMinister of the Environment and Fight Against Desertification Garama Saratou Rabiou Inoussa
LaborMinister of Employment and Social ProtectionIbrahim Boukary
Minister of Public Service and Administrative ReformDaoura Hadizatou Kafougou
OthersMinister of TransportOumarou Malam Alma
Minister of Youth and SportsSekou Doro Adamou
Minister of Humanitarian Action and Disaster ManagementMagagi Laouan
Minister of Town Planning, Housing, SanitationMaïzoumbou Laoual Amadou
Minister of PlanningAbdou Rabiou
Minister of EquipmentGado Sabo Moctar
Minister of Cultural,Tourism, and HandicraftsMohamed Hamid
Minister of Territorial Planning and Community DevelopmentMaman Ibrahim Mahaman
Minister for the Promotion of Women and the Protection of the ChildAllahoury Aminata Zourkaleini
Minister of State at the Presidency of the RepublicRhissa Ag Boula

Main political party

Name of partyFoundationTimes Elected to NATimes Won at NATimes Won at PE
Mouvement national pour la société du développement (MNSD) - Nassara1988843
Parti nigérien pour la démocratie et le socialisme (PNDS Tarayya)732
Mouvement démocratique nigérien pour une fédération africaine (MODEN)2010300
Convention démocratique et sociale (CDS)601

Last NA elections results

NA elections/Parties winning seatsSeats
Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism (PNDS Tarayya)19
Nigerien Democratic Movement for an African Federation (Moden Fa . Lumana Africa )13
Patriotic Movement for the Republic (MPR-JAMHURIYA)13
National Movement for the Development of Society (MNSD) - Nassara8
Congress for the Republic (CPR InganciI)7
Democratic and Republican Rally (RDR-Tchandji)6
Niger Patriotic Movement (MPN- KISHIN KASSA)3
National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP) - Zaman Lahiya2
Peace, Justice, Progress–Generation Doubara (PJP Generation Doubara)2
Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP-JAMA’A)2
Rally for Peace and Progress (RPP-Farilla)2
Alliance for Democratic Renewal (ARD Mutunci-Adalci)2
Alliance of Movements for the Emergence of Niger (AMEN-AMIN)2
Democratic Movement for the Emergence of Niger (MDEN-Falala)1
Social Democratic Rally (RSD Gaskiya)1
Democratic Alternation for Equity in Niger (ADEN-Karkara)1
Social Democratic Party (PSD Bassira)1
Alliance for Democracy and the Republic (ADR-Mahita)1
Nigerien Rally for Democracy and Peace (RNDP-Anneima Banizoubou)
Number of parties winning seats19
Number of parties contesting87
Female MPs25.90%
Voter turnout67.28%

Last Presidential elections results

Presidential elections   
2020Party1st round2nd round
Mohamed BazoumPNDS39.3355.75
Mahamane OusmaneRDR1744.25
Seyni OumarouMNSD8.95
Albade AboubaMPR7.07
Ibrahim YacoubaMPN5.38
Salou DjiboPJB2.99
Oumarou Malam-AlmaRPP2.47
Total no of candidates30
Voter Turnout69.67%62.91%

Voting System

  • PE: President directly elected by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term (eligible for a second term)
  • NA: 158 members directly elected from 8 multi-member constituencies in 7 regions and Niamey by party-list proportional representation, 8 reserved for minorities elected in special single-seat constituencies by simple majority vote, 5 seats reserved for Nigeriens living abroad – l seat per continent – elected in single-seat constituencies by simple majority vote; members serve 5-year terms)

Source: CIA World Factbook