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Sep, 2022

President/Head of StateMohammed El-Menfi
Prime MinisterAbdul Hamid Dbeibah
Size of Cabinet27
National AssemblyMajlis Al Nuwab
Seats in NA200
Parties in NA0
Female MPs in NAn/a
Term of National Assemblyn/a
Term of Presidentn/a
Number of NA Elections held2
Number of PE held0
Next NA Elections2022
Next Presidential Elections2022

List of cabinet

Reference Role/MinistryName
Head of StatePresidentMohammed El-Menfi
Head of GovernmentPrime Minister and Interim Defence Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah
FinanceMinister of FinanceKhaled Al Mabrouk Abdullah
ForeignMinister of Foreign AffairsNajla Mangouch
HealthMinister of HealthAli Muhammad Miftah Al-Zinati
JusticeMinister of JusticeHalima Ibrahim Abde Rahman
AgricultureMinister of Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesHamad Abdul-Razzaq Taher Al-Marimi
EnergyMinister of Oil and Gas Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Aoun
Natural ResourcesMinister of Water ResourcesTariq Abdel Salam Mustafa Abu Flika
Minister of Marine ResourcesAdel Mohamed Sultan Hassan
EducationMinister of Education Musa Muhammad al-Maqrif
Minister of Technical and Vocational EducationYaKhalaf Saeed Al-Sifaw
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific ResearchOmran Al-Geeb
EconomyMinister of Economy and Trade Mohamed Hwej
InteriorMinister of the Interior Khaled Tijani Mazen
MediaMinister of Culture and Knowledge DevelopmentMabrouka Toghy
EnvironmentMinister of Environment Ibrahim Al-Arabi Mounir
LaborMinister of LaborAli Al-Abed Al-Reda Abu Azoum
OthersMinister of TransportMuhammad Salem Al-Shahoubi
Minister of SportsAbdul Shafi` Hussein Muhammad Al-Juifi
Minister of Social AffairsWafaa Abou Baker Muhammod Al-Kilani
Minister of PlanningFakher Muftah Bufarna
Minister of Tourism and HandicraftsAbd Al-Salam Abdullah Al-Lahi-Tiki
Minister of Industry and MineralsAhmed Abu Hisa
Minister of Civil Servicen/a
Minister of Housing and ConstructionAbubaker Mohamed Al-Ghawi
Minister of Local GovernanceBadr Al-Din Al-Sadiq Al-Toumi
Minister of YouthFathallah Abd al-Latif Al-Zani

Last NA elections results

NA elections/Parties winning seatsSeats
all candidates ran as Indp
National Forces Alliance (NFA)39
Justice and Construction Party (JCP)17
National Front Party3
Union Party for Homeland2
Wadi Al-Hayat Gathering2
Central National Current2
Number of parties contesting142
Female MPs16.50%
Voter turnout62%

Voting System

  • PE: n/a
  • NA: 200 seats including 32 reserved for women; members directly elected by majority vote; member term NA

Source: CIA World Factbook