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Sep, 2022

President/Head of StateIsmaël Omar Guelleh
Prime MinisterAbdoulkader Kamil Mohamed
Size of Cabinet22
National AssemblyAssemblée Nationale
Seats in NA65
Parties in NA8
Female MPs in NA23.08%
Term of National Assembly5 years
Term of President5 years
Number of NA Elections held6
Number of PE held6
Next NA Elections2023
Next Presidential Elections2026

List of cabinet

Head of StatePresidentIsmaël Omar Guelleh
Head of GovernmentPrime MinisterAbdoulkader Kamil Mohamed
Finance/EconomyMinister of Economy and Finance, in charge of IndustryIlyas Moussa Dawaleh
Minister of BudgetIsman Ibrahim Robleh
ForeignMinister for Foreign Affairs and International CooperationMahamoud Ali Youssouf
DefenseMinister of Defence, in charge of relations with ParliamentHassan Omar Mohamed Bourhan
HealthMinister of HealthAhmed Roleh Abdilleh
JusticeMinister of Justice and Penitentiary Affairs,in charge of Human RightsAli Hassan Bahdon
AgricultureMinister of Agriculture, Water, Fisheries, Livestock and Fisheries ResourcesMohamed Ahmed Awaleh
EnergyMinister of Energy in charge of Natural ResourcesYonis Ali Guedi
EducationMinister of Education and Vocational TrainingMoustapha Mohamed Mahamoud
Minister of Higher Education and ResearchNabil Mohamed Ahmed
Digital/ITMinister of Communication in Charge of Posts and TelecommunicationRadwan Abdillahi Bahdon
InteriorMinister of InteriorSaid Nouh Hassan
EnvironmentMinister of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentMohamed Abdoulkader Moussa Helem
LaborMinister of Labor in Charge of Formalization and Social ProtectionOmar Abdi Said
OthersMinister of Youth and CultureHibo Moumin Assoweh
Minister of Commerce and TourismMohamed Warsama Dirieh
Minister of Infrastructures and EquipmentHassan Houmed Ibrahim
Minster of Muslim Affairs and Wakfs PropertyMoumin Hassan Barreh
Minster of Social Affairs and SolidarityOuloufa Ismail Abdo
Minister of Women and FamilyMouna Osman Aden
Minster of City, Town Planing and HousingAmina Abdi Aden

Main political party

Name of partyFoundationTimes Elected to NATimes Won at NATimes Won at PE
Union for the Presidential Majority (UMP) = coalition of RPP, FRUD, PPSD and UAD200344n/a
Popular Rally for Progress (PRP)1979666
Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD)1991540

Last NA elections results

NA elections/Parties winning seatsSeats
Union for the Presidential Majority (UMP)57
Union for Democracy and Justice - Djiboutian Democratic Party (UDJ-DDP)7
Center of the United Democrats (CUD)1
Number of parties winning seats8
Number of parties contestingn/a
Female MPs23.08%
Voter turnout63.83%

Last Presidential elections results

Presidential elections  
Ismaïl Omar GuellehRPP97.3
Zakaria Ismael FarahIndp2.7
Total no of candidates2
Voter Turnout76.40%

Voting System

  • PE: Pesident directly elected by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term
  • NA: Members directly elected in multi-seat constituencies by party-list proportional representation vote; members serve 5-year terms

Source: CIA World Factbook