Burkina Faso

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Oct, 2022

Head of StateCaptain Ibrahim Traoré
Prime Ministern/a
Size of Cabinetn/a
National AssemblyTransitional Legislate Assembly
Seats in NA71
Parties in NAn/a
Female MPs in NAn/a
Term of National Assembly5 years
Term of President5 years
Number of NA Elections held7
Number of PE held6
Next General Elections2025

List of cabinet

Head of StatePresidentCaptain Ibrahim Traoré
Head of GovernmentPrime Ministern/a

Main political parties

Name of partyFoundationTimes Elected to NATimes Won at NATimes Won at PE
People's Movement for Progress (MPP)222
Union for Progress and Change (UPC)300
Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP)1996643
Alliance for Democracy and Federation - African Democratic Rally (ADF-RDA)1998500

Last NA election results

NA elections/Parties winning seatsSeats
People's Movement for Progress (MPP)56
Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP)20
New Era for Democracy (NTD)13
Union for Progress and Change (UPC)12
Union for Rebirth / Sankarist Party (UNIR/PS)5
Movement for Burkina of the Future (MBF)4
Alliance for Democracy and Federation - African Democratic Rally (ADF-RDA)3
Patriotic Rally for Integrity (RPI)3
Party for Development and Change (PDC)3
National Convention for Progress (CNP)2
Act Together (AGIR)2
Party for Democracy and Socialism (PDS)1
Convergence for Progress and Solidarity - Generation 3 (CPS-G3)1
Pan-African Alliance for Reform (APR)1
United Progressives for Renewal (PUR)1
Number of parties winning seats15
Number of parties contesting0
Female MPs6,3%
Voter turnoutn/a

Last Presidential election results

Presidential elections  
Roch Marc Christian KaboréMPP57.87
Eddie Komboïgo CDP15.48
Zéphirin DiabréUPC12.46
Kadré Désiré OuédraogoAE3.36
Tahirou BarryMCR2.19
Total no of candidates13
Voter Turnout50,79%

Voting System

  • PE: Previously, president elected by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term (eligible for a second); last held on 22 November 2020 (next to be held in November 2025)
  • NA: Previously, 111 members directly elected in 13 multi-seat constituencies by party-list proportional representation vote and 26 members elected in a nationwide constituency by proportional representation vote; all member serve 5-year terms

Source: CIA World Factbook

Note: In 2022, the new military government dissolved the National Aessmbly and appointed a 71-member transitional assembly.