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Oct, 2022

President/Head of StateJoão Manuel Lourenço
Prime Ministern/a
Size of Cabinet26
Female cabinet members11
National AssemblyAssembleia Nacional
Seats in NA220
Parties in NA5
Female MPs in NA33,64%
Term of National Assembly5 years
Term of President5 years
Number of NA Elections held5
Number of Presidential Elections held 1
Next NA Elections2027

List of cabinet

Head of StatePresidentJoão Lourenço
Vice PresidentEsperanca Maria da Costa
Chief of StaffMinister and Cabinet Director of the PresidentEdeltrudes Maurício Fernandes Gaspar Costa
FinanceMinister of FinanceVera Esperança dos Santos Daves de Sousa
ForeignMinister of Foreign AffairsTéte António
DefenseMinister of National Defense and Homeland VeteransJoão Ernesto dos Santos
HealthMinister of HealthSílvia Paula Valentim Lutucuta
JusticeMinister of Justice and Human RightsMarcy Cláudio Lopes
AgricultureMinister of Agriculture and ForestryAntónio Francisco de Assis
Ministers of Fisheries and Marine ResourcesCarmen Sacramento Neto
EnergyMinister of Energy and WaterJoão Baptista Borges
Natural ResourcesMinister of Mineral Resources, Oil and GasDiamantino Pedro Azevedo
EnvironmentMinister of the EnvironmentAna Paula Chantre Luna de Carvalho
EducationMinister of EducationLuísa Maria Alves Grilo
Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and InnovationMaria Do Rosário Teixeira De Alva Sequeira Bragança Sambo
EconomyMinister of Economy and PlanningMário Augusto Caetano João
Minister of Industry and CommerceVictor Francisco dos Santos Fernandes
Digital/ITMinister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social CommunicationMário Augusto da Silva Oliveira
InteriorMinistry of the InteriorEugênio César Laborinho
EnvironmentMinister of Culture, Tourism and EnvironmentFilipe Silva De Pina Zau
LaborMinister of Public Administration, Labor and Social SecurityTeresa Rodrigues Dias
OthersMinister of Social Action, Family and Women's PromotionAna Paula do Sacramento Neto
Minister of Territory AdministrationDionísio Manuel da Fonseca
Minister of Public Works and Territorial PlanningCarlos Alberto Gregório dos Santos
Minister of Youth and SportsPalmira Leitão Barbosa
Minister of TransportRicardo Daniel Sandão Queirós Veigas de Abreu
Secretary of the Council of MinistersAna Maria de Sousa e Silva

Main political parties

Name of partyFoundationTimes Elected to NATimes Won at NATimes Won at PE
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA)1956551
National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA)1966500
Angolan National Liberation Front (FNLA)1962500
Social Renewal Party (PRS)500
Convergence Angola Salvation Wide-Electroal Coalition (CASA–CE) 2012200

Last NA election results

NA elections/Parties winning seatsSeats
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA)124
National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA)90
Social Renewal Party (PRS)2
Angolan National Liberation Front (FNLA)2
Humanist Party of Angola (PHA)2
Number of parties winning seats5
Number of parties contesting9
Female MPs33,64%
Voter turnout44.82%

Last Presidential election results

Presidential elections  
José Eduardo dos SantosMPLA49.57
Jonas SavimbiUNITA40.07
António Alberto NetoPASTEF2.16
Holden RobertoFNLA2.11
Total no of candidates
Voter Turnout91.20%

Voting System

  • PE: The candidate of the winning party or coalition in the last legislative election becomes the president; president serves a 5-year term (eligible for a second consecutive or discontinuous term).
  • NA: Members directly elected in a single national constituency and in multi-seat constituencies by closed list proportional representation vote; members serve 5-year terms.

Source: CIA World Factbook